16 students tell us how they chose a program

Choosing a program can be a difficult decision. But, as a working adult, you likely have more experience to leverage when it comes to understanding your values, interests, and skills — knowledge that can be valuable in guiding you to the right place. For a little inspiration, we asked some of current students how they decided.

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I got great guidance from the student success counselors at Guild. We both looked at my situation and my time in between formal schooling and decided that this was the best route to take at that point. I wasn’t locked into a specific four-year degree program and it gave me a smaller goal to start with. I have not been in school in 26 years so trying to go from that to a major college four year degree program right away could have been much harder in the beginning and it had the potential of discouraging me if I struggled along those long four years. This degree also gave me the opportunity to really figure out what I wanted to do.

-Timothy S., Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies

I have worked with appliances for years as sales specialist. My love of appliances began years ago around the age of six when my grandmother began teaching me to cook. Part of this was knowing your tools and respecting them. We always took care of our own maintenance. This led to not only a respect, but a love of the equipment that allowed me to continue to practice my passion, cooking.

-Sarah B., Appliance Repair Career Diploma

I chose this program by talking to my mom about going back to school and one of her friends said the Penn Foster program was great.

-Bonnie C., High School Completion

My goal is to work in game design and development one day. Although this program is not specifically designed for that, it does provide me with skills that can be used in that industry.

-Bailey S., Bachelor of Science in Software Design and Development

Some 20 years ago I started my business degree as a single mother and had to quit. I needed to focus on my job and my infant daughter. So, of course when the opportunity was available I took it.

-Cindy C., Bachelor of Business Administration

A degree in supply chain logistics and transportation management will give me the tools necessary to be successful in a growing field.

-Deontae B., Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain, Transportation and Logistics Management

It has been approximately 15 years since I have been in College. While I do have college credits, I wanted to ease myself back into school to provide some balance to my life and not overextend myself.

-Ken K., College Start

I made a list and separated my interests and talents. Then, I decided how they will help me in my future. I made a plan and set a goal for myself to reach.

-Alexus S., Bachelor of Science in Business

I read the information of the many programs available and though I wanted to jump into the area of study I want to work towards a degree on, I felt the college start program would help me better prepare myself for my future college courses.

-Tom M., College Start

I chose the carpentry program because I have a background in flooring installation.

-Damian W., Carpentry Career Diploma

Electrical issues come up everyday in my job. It Is a solid starting spot for a new career. I am very mechanically minded. It was the best fit for me. I like the challenge.

-Patrick C., Electrician Training Career Diploma

I wanted something where I could work at my own pace, which is what the MyPath program provides. I also would like to do something with my artistic talent, so marketing is the best choice for me.

-Kelsey W., Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing

This university is listed among the options offered by my employer. I also looked at the university’s rankings and examined the course requirements. Finally, I saw this is a self-paced program, which will fit my life and my desire to achieve at a faster pace.

-James D., Bachelor of Business Administration, Supply Chain Management

In October of 2014, I came to the United States from Syria by way of Abu Dhabi because of Syria’s civil war. I had completed much of my education (Bachelor degree in Accounting) in my home country, but was unable to finish because of the war. My goal in enrolling in college here in the states is to become licensed as a Certified of Public Accountant (CPA) and open my own business to provide all types of accounting services such as bookkeeping, tax returns, external audits, and preparing financial statements.

-Mohamed B., Bachelor of Business Administration

I was originally an education but decided to switch to a psychology major. I always had in going the route of psychology due to my interest in learning about the human mind. I want to know why people do the things they do, say the things they say, and think the things they think.

-Danae R. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

I choose to apply to the University of Florida’s undergraduate program because its reputation precedes it, as it is highly respected for its business school.

-Ana P. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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