6 ways Guild can help make going back to school easier

Going back to school as a working adult inevitably comes with some challenges. At Guild, we make it our aim to minimize those challenges, remove barriers, and simplify your return to school wherever we can!

You want to succeed in school. We also want you to succeed in school. So we’re constantly developing new ways to help you achieve that success — from facilitating tuition funding processes and screening schools for quality to providing expert coaching and creating opportunities for connection with your student peers.

Here are six ways Guild can help make going back to school easier:


1. Coaching

Guild offers coaching for applicable programs at no cost. Our expert coaches can assist and support you along your back-to-school journey by:

  • Understanding your benefits eligibility, education background, and dreams.
  • Helping you find and apply to a program that matches your career goals.
  • Providing study tips and time management techniques.
  • And more!

Want more info about Guild’s coaches? Check out these posts:

Interested in talking to a coach? Schedule a call from your Guild account. If you need any help connecting with your Guild coach, you can fill out the Contact a Coach form.


2. Facilitating your education benefits program

Your employer partnered with Guild to offer an education benefits program so you can:

  • Go back to school at little to no cost (even up to 100% tuition coverage for select programs!).
  • Access a wide variety of high-quality schools and learning providers.
  • Pick from a catalog of programs that are built to support the success of working adults and teach sought-after skills.

Log in to your Guild account to learn more about your education benefits and how your employer can support your education goals (and bills) — and don’t hesitate to reach out to your Guild coach! Our coaches are trained to help you understand your benefits and answer any questions you may have. If you want assistance connecting with your coach, fill out the Contact a Coach form.


3. Online course options

Learning online comes with a number of great perks, such as:

  • Maximum flexibility — with the ability to log on whenever and wherever, you can pick how you want to attend class. Break room at work? Sure. On your couch in your sweatpants? No problem.
  • No commute — getting to class is as easy as pressing the power button on your computer and remembering your password.
  • Access to a wider selection of schools and programs — geography can’t hold you back! Live in New York, attend a class in California, and so on.

Looking to learn about other things you can put in the online course “pros” column? Start with these posts:


4. Screening schools for credibility

With a million and one schools out there all claiming to be the best, how can you know who’s actually worth the effort…and who just has a good marketing department? You can feel confident in the schools and programs in your employer’s catalog because Guild analyzes every institution before it can make it to our list — and we have high standards when it comes to education. Here’s just a glimpse of what we look for:

  • Programs designed for working adults — and with a proven record of student success.
  • Positive student outcomes and potential for career advancement.
  • Opportunities for student support.

If you want additional information about these points and more — including resources to help you screen schools yourself — take a peek at these posts:


5. Access to school and career resources

We’re all about giving you the resources you need to be successful — in school and in your career. Some resources we provide include:

  • This blog! We pack our posts with helpful information for every stage of your education and career journey.
  • Beyond the Syllabus — Whether you’re looking to achieve stronger community, academic success, or career outcomes, Guild’s student resource hub has options to explore.
  • Education coaching — your coaches have tips, tactics, and strategies to share. (Psst…so do your student peers!)

Here’s a little preview of the school and career resources found on our blog:


6. Guild student Facebook groups

Our student Facebook groups are a dedicated place for working adults who are returning to school through Guild. They provide a community where you can:

  • Connect with and receive support from hundreds of student peers in similar programs as you.
  • Join in sharing encouragement, motivation, conversation, celebration, and so on.
  • Access resource guides full of study tips, motivation, and beyond.

For further details on what you can expect from the Guild student Facebook groups, read these posts:

Don’t forget to follow Guild on Instagram and Facebook to see even more helpful resources and inspiring stories from students and graduates!



We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: You’re not going back to school alone. Here at Guild, our list doesn’t stop at six — we’re doing everything we can to help make it easier for you to continue your education and achieve your school and career goals.

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