8 perks of learning online

We think online learning is awesome. Why? We’re glad you asked! Below are just a few highlights of the many perks of going to school online.


Forgo that commute

When going to class just means turning on your computer (or tablet, or phone), the problems that come with commuting disappear. Figuring out bus lines and times? Finding someone to watch the kids while you’re at school and getting there and back? Determining the distance between work and your campus to see if you’ll be late? None of that’s your concern anymore. Diminish your time spent in traffic and on public transportation, and use that time for something else instead.


Take advantage of flexible class times

Don’t want to attend class first thing on a groggy Monday morning? As long as you’re planning your time responsibly so you hit your due dates, you don’t have to! Log in and learn when it works for you. Online learning is self-paced and accessible by nature, giving you control over how your schoolwork impacts your schedule.


Wear your pajamas, eat a snack, and get cozy

With online school, you’re not in a physical classroom full of people. There’s no pressure to look polished and put together all the time, and no one to judge you if you put your feet up or slouch in your seat. If you want to, you can put on a pair of sweatpants, find a snack (nobody will glare at you for crunching away in your own space!), and settle down to study.


Don’t worry about talking in front of the class

Some people have no qualms about getting up in front of a class and speaking their minds. And if you’re one of those people, never fear! Online courses still provide opportunities for you to share your opinion and participate in discussions. However, for those of us who prefer a little time to think before we speak — and prefer not to have an entire room of eyes staring at us when we do — online learning is just the ticket.


Avoid common classroom woes

Classrooms, while offering a certain experience, come with their share of disadvantages that are avoidable when going to class online. These can include physical discomforts like the arctic touch of an overactive air-conditioning vent or those cramped, definitely non-ergonomic chairs and desks. In your space, you decide the temperature and where you sit, and the added comfort is sure to help your focus.

On a mental and emotional level, classrooms can be tricky environments for those who have difficulty sitting still or focusing for long, uninterrupted periods of time — not to mention, a room full of people and the threat of getting called on at any minute can be intimidating or exacerbate feelings of insecurity. With online learning, there’s no need to worry about being put on the spot, no one will care if you fidget, and if you’re having trouble focusing, just close your computer and try again later!


Expand your technology skills and confidence

The world relies on technology more and more with every passing day. By going to school online, you’ll get introduced to and become familiar with multiple platforms and programs — technological know-how that’ll help you navigate and find success in our increasingly digital world. Plus, it never hurts to have more skills in your arsenal.


Access more learning options

Whereas in-person learning requires you to either a) pick from only the schools and programs close to where you live, or b) up and move in order to attend your school of choice, online learning allows you access to schools, degrees, and courses across the country. You can study exactly what you want, regardless of where you live.


Flex that motivation muscle

In order to make online school work, you have to be highly motivated and disciplined. Your success is ultimately up to you making a plan and sticking to it. But don’t worry — just because it’s up to you doesn’t mean it’s all on you! You’ll have an entire community of instructors, advisors, coaches, fellow students, and coworkers you can rely on to help you stay accountable, encouraged, and inspired. And besides, this also means that — unlike many things in life — your online education is something you actually can control.



Think learning online would be a good fit for you, but have some questions? Schedule time to chat with a Guild Education Coach about your goals and needs. And in the meantime, check out answers to the most popular questions from new and prospective students like you!

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