A brief guide to Guild’s coaches

Whether you’ve been in school for a while or are just beginning to browse Guild’s catalog, chances are, you’ve heard of Guild coaches — and for good reason. Our coaches are our favorite student resource. They’re helpful, knowledgeable, and care about your success! You’ll have access to coaching throughout your time in school, but it can look a little different at various points in your education journey, so we’ve put together a brief explainer to help you understand the types of coaches available to you.*


Education Coaches

When you decide to start using your education benefit, an Education Coach may be the first person from Guild that you talk to directly. An Education Coach’s main goal is to help you get started in school. If you’re not sure what program to enroll in or you’re trying to decide between a few, your Education Coach can help you choose the one that best fits your goals. They’ll also assist you through the application and enrollment processes, answering any questions you have along the way.


Student Success Coaches

After you pick a program and enroll, you’ll hear from your Student Success Coach. These coaches can typically be reached via phone, email, or text and will offer ongoing support during your time as a student. Need help managing your time? Interested in study tips and other resources? Just need to vent to someone about a frustrating assignment or celebrate a test you aced? That’s what your Student Success Coach is here for!


Career Coaches

Career coaching is also available to you throughout your time in school. Whether you’re working toward your five-year plan or just trying to pinpoint exactly what your goals are, a Career Coach can help. They can also assist you with tasks like creating a resume or preparing for a job interview. When you’re on the lookout for a new role, be sure to get in touch with a Career Coach.

*Note: Because each employer’s education benefit policy through Guild is different, not all Guild students will have access to the same levels of coaching.

Thinking of reaching out to a coach? Check out these tips to help you prepare for your coaching session.

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