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“You won’t be going back to school alone.”

This statement (or some variation of it) is something we say frequently at Guild. But what exactly does it mean, especially in a world trending toward more online courses? How can it not feel like you’re on your own when you’re logging in to class from your couch…quite literally on your own?

First of all, you have the coaches at Guild to support you — but that’s a topic for another post (for instance, check out this post!). Your school may also have coaches, advisors, and tutors there to help and provide guidance, and many students report that access to coaching made a significant impact on their success. However, while beneficial, interacting with coaches isn’t quite the same as interacting with your classmates — the peers who experience similar things as you every day.

Enter your Guild online community, here to provide a different avenue for support and assistance…plus encouragement, motivation, conversation, graduation celebrations, procrastination survival stories, memes and jokes, and much, much more. In other words? When we say you’re not alone, we mean you have an entire community of students with you at all times.

Let’s take a closer look, yeah?

Guild student Facebook groups

Where to access: Find these groups on Facebook.

How to access: Contact your Guild coach and ask for the link to join your student Facebook group.

Why to access: The Guild student Facebook groups are a dedicated place for working adults who are currently in (or about to start) school using their employer’s education benefits through Guild. Their purpose is to provide a community where you can connect with and receive support from your classmates and student peers all day, every day.

Below are some fast facts about the groups which are worth knowing.


1. You’ll be placed in one of seven Facebook groups based on your education program.

This ensures that you’re connecting with other students in similar programs and classes. Your peers can frequently offer details and support on specific courses, and you can even use your group to find study buddies! Our current groups are:

    • High School with Guild
    • College Start with Guild
    • University with Guild
    • Master’s Programs with Guild
    • Health & Wellness Diplomas with Guild
    • Trades with Guild
    • Language Learning with Guild


2. There are hundreds of students in each Facebook group.

No matter what you’re going through, what you’re feeling, or what questions you have, there’ll be someone who can relate and offer advice, encouragement, or assistance — and you’ll often start getting responses in just a few minutes!


3. These groups are for students going back to school through Guild only.

This means you can feel confident knowing you’re in a community of people who understand you and share your experiences. The people in these groups aren’t just students — they’re also working adults who, like you, are:

    • Continuing their education through their benefits with Guild.
    • Navigating how to balance work, life, and school.
    • Motivated by goals like advancing their careers, being role models for their loved ones, finishing what they started (often after a long break from school!), and so on.


the Facebook groups are there for the students, so that we can help support each other, answer questions, or just get to know each other because we all have a common goal, so I think that’s important,” said Anastacia R., a graduate of College Start who’s currently pursuing an Undergraduate Certificate in Human Resource Management from Wilmington University.


4. The top reasons students state for joining the Facebook groups are to connect with student peers and receive support.

Take it from Vika K., HVACR Technician Career Diploma:

“A great suggestion that was made through Guild was to join the Facebook page for the trades. And every time I go in there, I see people excited about starting. I also see challenges. People are getting to harder levels, and I also see people encouraging them and offering resources. It’s such a great place to see people helping each other grow and encouraging each other. Everyone’s saying, ‘You got this, you can keep going.’”


5. A top benefit students state for being in the Facebook groups is the ability to connect with people who understand them.

Here’s what Victoria T., a student who’s currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management at Wilmington University, had to say:

“I also got added to a Guild Facebook group. I’m part of that. And while I might not engage in it too often, it’s nice to see people because I’m like, ‘Okay, cool. It’s not just me with this question.’ Sometimes if I can contribute or add to the conversation I will, and it feels good. I definitely think that there’s a good sense of community because we’re all willing to help each other out with any questions or anything.”


6. The Facebook groups include easily accessible resource guides.

They’re full of bookmarked posts students shared in the group which other students found helpful. These resources often focus on topics like:

    • Study tips.
    • Motivation and encouragement.
    • Work/life balance.
    • And more!

Guild on Facebook and Instagram

Where to access: Find our pages on Facebook and Instagram.

How to access:
Log in to your social media accounts. Then follow us at…

Why to access: Our social media pages were created with you — the student — in mind. We regularly post inspiring stories from your student peers and graduates, as well as helpful resources, tips, and beyond!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Photos, quotes, stories, and videos from students sharing their school experiences, advice, challenges, and victories.
  • Links to blog posts and other useful school and career resources.
  • Recommendations and guidance from Guild coaches.
  • Themed study playlists, curated monthly.
  • The occasional fun challenge and/or special opportunity…
  • And more!



Whether you join your Guild student Facebook group, follow us on Instagram or Facebook, or (hopefully) all three, the added connection and sense of community is bound to combat feeling alone in your studies. Want more details on the various ways you can find support while in school? Discover how to get involved with the Guild community.

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