Guild Voices: Ease Your Math Anxiety

by Samantha Avery, Student Success Advisor 

As a student success advisor, I talk to students every day who are taking a leap and heading back to school. From finding the time to take the test, to realizing how long it’s been since stepping into the classroom, there are a lot of things students feel nervous about when returning to school. One of the most common fears I hear about is that dreaded four letter word. Yep, you know the one: M-A-T-H. As you embark on your educational journey, most roads will lead you somewhere through a math requirement. I’m here to help ease your anxiety and give you some fun resources that will boost your confidence and reframe your view on tackling math class!

Past experiences often shape the way we feel about situations, and if you’ve struggled with math courses before, this could be adding to your worries. What’s one thing you can do before you start? Create some new experiences. Nothing says that you’re beholden to the negative trials you’ve had in the past. Today’s technological atmosphere is buzzing with resources and tools that can help you rewrite your relationship with math.

I recommend starting with these two Ted Talks (here and here) that help you both understand and combat your math anxiety. Then move on to explore the rest of these helpful resources I’ve found useful in my own academic journey:

Homework Resources

  • KhanAcademy.Org
    • Organized and easy to navigate archive of science and math lectures and practice worksheets.
    • High School and college math content with tons of free resources. Brilliant also boasts a neat online community.
  • Practice Makes Perfect
    • If you prefer a physical book, the Practice Makes Perfect series by McGraw Hill is full of practice problems that you can work through.

Mobile Apps and Games

  • Numberphile
    • An animated presentation of mathematical concepts.
  • Maths Everywhere
    • Find out how much math you’re already using successfully each day!
  • Mathemagics
    • Mental math practice tool with tips and tricks. Easy to play in place of checking Instagram or Facebook – nothing boosts my confidence like improving some of the basic building blocks.

Your journey toward graduation will likely take you out of your comfort zone a time or two. Just remember, you have so many resources at your disposal to help you through any uncertain times. Your professors, your school, and your coach here at Guild are all here to make it as easy as 1, 2, 3…. Or at least as easy as 2+2 =4.

Written by Samantha Avery
Student Success Advisor
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