Journaling Prompts to Cultivate Gratitude

When life is hectic and the world feels like it’s in chaos, it can be particularly difficult to harness thankfulness. Sometimes, though, one of the easiest ways to cultivate a grateful outlook is to take some time to write about the things you’re thankful for. These journaling prompts will help you recognize the details that make each day better and start paying more attention to them in your daily life. (Remember: don’t think too big — it really is the little things that count.)

1. Think back through your day. What is one thing that delighted you? Consider where you went, what you ate, who you spoke to, or anything out of the ordinary that occurred.

2. Did something happen today that made you feel frustrated, anxious, or upset? If so, what good might come from it in time?

3. Find a place you can sit still with as little interruption as possible. Take a few moments to listen to the noises happening around you, then write about what you hear.

4. Locate the nearest window. Describe the scene you see outside — include colors and textures, the quality of light, and any interactions you observe.

5. What is the most meaningful object in your home? Write about it.

6. Write a letter to someone you love. (You don’t have to send it.) Tell them what it is about them that brings you joy.

7. Write a love letter to yourself. What is it about you that brings you and others joy?

8. Listen to your favorite song. What emotions come up while listening? What memories do you have associated with it?

9. What are you most looking forward to right now? If you can’t think of anything, write out something fun or exciting you can plan to do in the future.

10. What is one way your life has changed for the better over the past year?

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