Meet Fariha W.

Education Program: People and Business Leadership Certificate of Completion — Done!
Project Management Certificate — In Progress!
Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain, Transportation, and Logistics Management — In Progress!

About Me: I’m an immigrant from Pakistan. I came to the USA at the age of 16. After going through hard times and struggling in life, I have finally made myself strong to take full responsibility of myself and my loved ones.

Education Inspiration: One thing I always wished and missed was to fulfill my studies and have a degree. Now I can proudly say that it has become truly possible.

Education Aspiration: It’s meant a lot to me. In words, it’s difficult to express. I grew up hearing from my family that I came here to give my future children better lives. Accessing higher education enables me as an immigrant student to achieve my dreams. It becomes an economic and social mobility generator, benefiting myself and my loved ones, and shaping up my future life with the best of every possibility.

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