Meet Jose L.

Education Program: People and Business Leadership Certificate of Completion — Done!
Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Leadership — In progress!

About Me: I am a single uncle/parent that worked in the call center industry as a supervisor/trainer for over 20 years. I come from a family where my mother herself was a single parent and showed me that one can survive if all you do is put your mind to do so.

Education Inspiration: It helped inspire me to continue and further my education, as it’s never too late to do so! I graduated from high school 35 years ago and had to work to help support my brothers and sisters. I found it hard to go back to school after so many years, but I never gave up. I studied very hard and focused on what I needed to do so that I could finish my course and exceed my goals of receiving a grade that I myself deserved. My goal was a 90 or higher, and I finished my certificate course with a 92.1 — very proud of myself. As I’ve always shared my quote with others: “Success follows those who desire to be successful,” and now my goal is to go for my bachelor’s in business management and leadership.

Education Aspiration: I am looking forward to moving up the leadership/career ladder with Walmart, however I’m also looking forward to continuing my education.

What’s More: Using the techniques and skills I learned have shown that it helps build a stronger foundation and create stronger bonds with those you work with. Education doesn’t have its limits, and I’m very thankful that Walmart has given me the opportunity to explore my education options and is there to support me in any way to make me a better person.

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