Meet your Education Coaches

While going back to school is your decision and your journey, you’re not in it alone — Guild provides you with personalized coaching and support along the way. You’ll have the opportunity to work with our expert coaches, starting with our team of Education Coaches.

So, without further ado: Meet your Education Coaches.

Who they are

Education Coaches speak with students before they’ve submitted an application and walk them through the process of participating in their education benefits program. They aim to create a safe space where students feel comfortable asking questions and discussing their dreams and aspirations.

Each Education Coach receives training on the student journey, what working adults need to be successful in school, and all universities and programs to make sure that they’re able to recommend the programs that are the best fit for you and your unique situation.

An Education Coach is someone outside your inner circle who believes in you, listens to you, strategizes with you, and can help you achieve the confidence and focus needed to go after your goals. Above all, they want you to believe in yourself and realize all you’ve accomplished already and all you’re capable of in the future.


What they do

An Education Coach’s job is to get to know you, to understand your eligibility, education background, goals, and motivations, and to use the information you share to see how your benefits program can help you reach your goals. Your coach will act as an advisor and assist you in picking and applying to a program that meets you where you’re at and will get you where you want to go.

Education Coaches are also there to answer any questions you have and address all your concerns so that you feel comfortable, knowledgeable, and ready to make the decision to return to school.


How they can help

With your Education Coach, you’ll discuss why you want to go back to school, assess your comfort level, and identify your career goals. The conversation can cover:

  • Your current role
  • Your education history
  • Your schedule and availability
  • Your study habits
  • Any time management aspects
  • The specifics of online schooling
  • Details on funding
  • Next steps

Your Education Coach can then recommend programs that may be a good fit for you. 

Based on your interests and career goals, your Education Coach will work with you to develop a realistic plan for your education. Together you’ll break big, lifetime goals down into smaller, succinct goals that make returning to school manageable for you. Education Coaches exist to empower students and give them the tools to find out what they need to know, see the purpose of what they’re doing, and set goals and achieve them.


Why they care

We’ll let the coaches cover this part!

“My favorite part is helping somebody believe that they have the skills within themselves — and they did the whole time — to go forward…I’m able to give evidence-based reasons that help inform their future success. Having a system of tools at my disposal I can use to help students is so fulfilling.” — Maria S., Education Coach

“I genuinely like helping people, so when I’m able to help them in a way that hopefully can change their lives, it’s really impactful. I like hearing all their stories…I know people who have been in similar experiences. Helping them overcome hardships they’ve encountered is such a rewarding job.” — Vanessa M., Education Coach

“To be the person that students share their feelings and life experiences with is a huge honor…I really believe every Education Coach is full-heartedly mission focused.” — Keri H., Education Coach


How to connect with them

To talk with an Education Coach:

  1. Visit Guild’s website and log in or sign up for a free account.
  2. Click “Contact a Coach” and fill out the form.
  3. A coach will reach out to schedule a call with you.

While Education Coaches can provide assistance via phone, email, or text, the easiest method is over the phone. In addition to business hour shifts, coaches have late shifts, early shifts, and Sunday shifts to accommodate various working schedules.

Plus, creating an account and talking to an Education Coach requires no commitment — the coach will simply talk through what you want and explain what your benefits can do for you. They want what’s best for you, regardless of whether you end up applying or not.



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