So… what is Guild, anyway?

If you’re going back to school or considering going back to school through Guild, but you’re still not quite sure who Guild is, we’re glad you landed on this blog post. With so many different groups involved in your education benefits — your school, your employer, and us — understanding who plays what role in your education journey can be a little confusing. Luckily, we’re here to clear up some common misconceptions and help you make sense of it all.


Who is Guild?

Before diving into who Guild is and what we do, we need to clarify who we’re not. First of all, although we partner with your employer to create opportunities for employees to go back to school, we aren’t part of your company. In fact, we’re our own company (check out this interview with our CEO!).

Sometimes students or soon-to-be students exploring Guild assume we’re a school or university, but we’re not either of those. Similar to the way we partner with your company to make education opportunities available to you, we also partner with learning providers to make some of their specific programs available to your company’s employees. While we aren’t a school ourselves, we do work closely with many of them.

So… who is Guild? We’re a career opportunity platform that works alongside schools and employers to bring education opportunities to employees! More simply put, our job is to give you and your coworkers the chance to grow your careers by going back to school — without paying an arm and a leg for tuition.


What is Guild’s goal?

Guild’s number one goal is to help you achieve career mobility. Without education, it can be difficult to move up at work or pivot into a completely new role. That’s why we aim to remove the many barriers to education that working adults face and make school more accessible for those who want to take the next step in their careers.

Cost, lack of time, and lack of support are just a few of the challenges we tackle. By working closely with employers and schools, we’re able to give employees access to education that costs less and programs that offer more flexibility. Separate from your school and employer, Guild also offers one-on-one coaching so you’re able to get the support you need to succeed.


What does this mean for you?

Going back to school through Guild means you’ll be attending programs that are curated for working adults — and you’ll be paying less for them. It also means you’ll have a group of people (that’s us!) rooting for your success and cheering you on toward your goals.

One final note, but it’s an important one: when you speak with a Guild coach, you’re talking to a Guild employee, not an employee of your company or your school. That means that whatever you share with your coach — even if you decide to discuss your struggles in school, work, or your personal life with them — that information isn’t going to make its way outside of Guild. In other words, you don’t have to worry about your boss, manager, or instructor getting access to anything you talk to your coach about — what you share is safe with us.

So there you have it — an intro to Guild! Want to learn more about how Guild makes going back to school easier? Check out this blog post.

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