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“When I discovered I could go to school online, I realized I could keep working and pay my bills.”

Student Spotlight: Chandra W.

If you already have an associate degree, you know earning a degree can be a lot of work. But, with the increased earning potential of an advanced education and support from your employer’s tuition benefits, now may be the time to make that leap toward continuing your education.

Just ask Chandra W., a recent graduate who turned her associate degree into a bachelor’s in less than a year and a half.

“Getting a bachelor’s degree was something I always wanted. It was a milestone in my life that I hadn’t achieved. After getting my associate degree, it seemed so unobtainable,” she said.

After receiving her associate degree at a local community college, Chandra spent the next four years working a variety of jobs. Even though getting a degree was a priority for her, it seemed impossible to plan a school schedule around the unpredictability of her work schedule. Faced with the prospect of giving up on her lifelong goal, Chandra found a ray of hope.

“When I discovered I could go to school online, I realized I could keep working and pay my bills,” she said.

Through her education benefits, Chandra was able to access flexible online programs and work with a personal coach to help balance work, life, and school. Now, only a year and a half later, Chandra is celebrating her graduation.

“I graduated with a bachelor’s degree with no student debt,” she said.  

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