Tips from your fellow students!

This month, we’re serving up school-centered advice and affirmations from your student peers!


Put your passions to work

“Pursue those passions, the things that really make you feel alive, and then figure out how to translate that into an education and a career choice.” — Benjamin P., Bachelor of Science, Wilmington University


Breathe through today

“When there’s a lot on your plate and you feel overwhelmed, you’re starting to feel stressed about you’ve got due dates, you have bills due, you have everything else going on in your life — people calling you needing money or something happened — take a deep breath. Just take a deep breath. Just breathe, just get through it. This is today; tomorrow’s going to be a different day. But right now, knock out what you can.” — Paul F., Bachelor of Science, Southern New Hampshire University


Commit to your calendar

“Have an actual calendar. Write down your assignments — when they’re due — then you can actually look at it and cross things off, just like at work when we’re feeling overwhelmed and we have all these tasks to do. As you cross them off and do them, you’re like, ‘Oh wow, I did that, that, and that. I did get something done today.’” — Jessica M., Bachelor of Science, Bellevue University


Persevere through problems, search for solutions

“There are problems in everyone’s life. You have to find a way to come up with a solution; work towards what you want…Perseverance comes because you want a better life.”
— Dhanesh P., Certificate of Completion, Bellevue University


Step back in order to move forward

“Sometimes you just have to step back. Close your laptop for a second, close your textbook…In order to keep working or to keep doing whatever you need to do, you also need to decompress the pressure on yourself, or let the bad energy flow and then let the new energy come in. If you keep working when you are not focused, when you’re stressed, when you’re panicking, you’re not going to get anything done. And if you get anything done, it’s probably not going to be your best work. So you just need to breathe. That’s what I have been finding myself doing lately; I’m going to do homework for half an hour, and then I need five minutes.” — Genesis P., Bachelor of Business Administration, UMass Global


Believe in your own power

“You have to believe in yourself, because if you don’t believe in yourself, then you’re not gonna get anywhere. So it’s just truly believing in yourself and having that power, and just, ‘I got this, I got this.’…You’re your own cheerleader. So I know it’s going to be hard — how to do a discussion board or making sure you organize your paperwork to turn in something this day before the deadline. I know it’s a new atmosphere to which you’re not used to, but you can get it. It took me a whole semester to figure out how to plan everything, use my planner, stay up to date, do my discussion boards. But you can do it if you truly believe in yourself.” — Krystalanne A., Bachelor of Science, Bellevue University


Embrace your timeline

“Everyone has their own time and pace. So don’t base your education goal or what you’re doing on what other people are doing, because your life is not like everyone else’s. You may have to do it at different times…but the main thing is to obtain the goal. Keep moving forward. Don’t stop. So I would tell those out there that may be frustrated or thinking that it’s not possible, it is. Anything is possible.” — Timeka H., Bachelor of Science, Bellevue University



We hope these help make school feel a little less intimidating. Maybe it sounds corny, but we know you can achieve your goals — and so do your peers.

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